Bridging the Gap Between Physical Therapy and Personal Training

High priority at Left Coast Fitness is maintaining a high level team of personal trainers, schooled in kinesiology and biomechanics. We feel this is crucial when dealing with clients who experience chronic pain (i.e. low back pain) and/or are recovering from injury.

“There is a major void I am trying to fill within the health and fitness community and that is providing a facility of personal trainers that understand how to work with clients with chronic pain or coming out of physical therapy. Today, most all clients that personal trainers are servicing are either experiencing chronic issues like lower back pain, or are recovery from surgery such as rotator cuff repair. The problem is, todays personal trainers are not qualified to help these individuals continue with their recovery beyond physical therapy. In my opinion, personal trainers need just as much education as physical therapists, if not more. The reason being that trainers are having their clients lift heavy weights in risky positions. A great example of this is the dead lift exercise where we have a client bending down to lift a weight off the floor over a series of repetitions. This exercise is crucial for every person to learn how to perform safely, especially if you have an old back injury. If the client has had a back injury in the past, the risk or reinjuring themselves can be fairly high if the trainer does not know how to make the specific adjustments for that specific injury. Most physical therapy programs do not get to the point of heavier weight lifting, which essentially leaves that up to the client to perform on their own or have a personal trainer teach them.  As we all know, 9 out of ten times this leads to re-aggravating the injury putting the client back into the cumulative injury cycle. My goal is to put this to a stop by providing a facility with trainers that have been educated in injury rehab, biomechanics and kinesiology. If you are going to be a personal trainer, and you’re going to be prescribing exercises with weights, you better be knowledgeable (beyond the typical weekend personal trainer certification) on lifting mechanics. Your client is depending on you.”

Left Coast Fitness is the place for people of all ages, abilities to work with trainers that have the knowledge how to provide you with an effective, safe and well-rounded health and fitness program.